Sponsorship Policy

As for the sponsorship policy, Goldentyre World Ltd is a small-medium enterprise if compared to tiresgiants’ producers. It is a niche market company, very focused and specialized in specific sectors, and not selling millions of scooter tires or passenger car tires. For this reason, investments have to be focused and target-oriented to achieve quality, durability, grip on the road and satisfaction of the final users, no matter if professional racers or enthusiast riders.

We don’t have endless marketing budget, but we are a team of people that work with joy and passion in what we create.

To ensure the future of our company, and to continue enhancing the standards of off road tires, we must therefore be cautious with supporting any sponsorships and charities, even if we also believe in helping and supporting everyone.

Some people do great initiatives and sometimes quite touching and incredible in terms of sports performance.

For us, as a company, choosing between all sponsorship requests is simply impossible, especially because we would tend to make a choice based on human rather than financial grounds, and knowing ourselves and our human tendencies, we would end up supporting all sponsorship requests.

We therefore draw a line and decided to cease any and all commercial sponsoring.

We sincerely hope that this does not reduce your enthusiasm or the love that our brand receivesdaily.

And as a user of our products, you are always free to send us your good initiative or activity, if we can help raising awareness, then we will certainly do it, posting your project on our social media networks, and mentioning it to others.

We have done this for many initiatives already, and we would be happy to help you out in any way we can.

What we would suggest, nevertheless, is to enter in touch with your nearest distributor. We are quite sure that they would support you somehow, so as to give you the opportunity to ride with the best products on the market.  And be sure, Goldentyre World Ltd. will keep struggling, day by day, in developing amazing products that will give you the chance to ride always faster and always safer.

We believe that our transparency will obtain your respect and that you would fully understand our position.

Always, keep following your passion!!!