G-Mousses are the result of 1 year development, researches and testing achieved by Goldentyre.
They provide better performances and long lasting. They are made of the latest generation of polymers and outcame from a new production system.

Goldentyre is a recognized Brand leader in the mousse and tyre industry in top-level motorcycle racing. We have taken all our experience and put it into manufacturing tyres and G-Mousse that are an absolute alternative to the traditional tyre filling systems currently on the market. The G-Mousse system is truly innovative in that it allows riders to use optimum pressures without risk of breakage or stalling and achieve the best performance under the most extreme conditions of use. It is a “ready-to-ride” revolutionary system because, once installed, it is ready for use without using air to achieve optimum operating pressure.

GT Mousse’s Gel


50 gr. | 1 Kg. | 5 Kg.

Similar in appearance to the one included with your mousse, this gel is thicker and specifically designed to reduce
heating caused by friction between mousse and tyre. If applied regularly it increases the mousse longevity considerably.
This gel can be used in addition to the gel included with your mousse. This gel is specifically designed for
Racing use, easily applicable with a brush to avoid dripping.

Technical Specifications

Front G-Mousse

Rear G-Mousse