After long testing we are arrived with a revolutionary 18” tyre.

As for all MY 2019 range also for GT369K is arrived the last generation of compound with a new development of our famous carcass lighter and stronger, complete the view the knobs design with KKT technology.

  1. GT369K will become the most powerful ally and is thought for the last motorcycles generation.
  2. The low sidewall will give you the maximum feeling in the fastest part of the track
  3. The KKT (K Knobs Technology) give you the maximum traction in starting and braking
  4. The new compound generation will support you in the toughest and log ride in all the conditions.

Tested in all the toughest condition from Sardinia, Africa and during the last Dakar GT369K will become your best friend in Baja, Cross Country and Motocross situation, a friend solid, reliable and performing.

GT369K is now available, contact your nearest G Point to enter in the future and #marktheterritory