FTS system è una nuova invenzione non comparabile con le tecnologie presenti sul mercato attuale ed è il frutto di oltre 2 anni di ricerche dei nostri ingegneri del RND.
FTS system introduce nel mondo dell’offroad un nuovo sistema tubeless, risolvendo i problemi dei sistemi attuali, conservandone però tutti i benefici in termini di guidabilità e sicurezza. La speciale membrana risulta essere tuttuno con lo pneumatico essendo vulcanizzata in fase di stampaggio.
Lo pneumatico che utilizza il sistema FTS adotta un sistema antitaglio e antiforatura: ciò gli permettere di essere utilizzato a basse pressioni (0,6 – 0,8 Bar).
Lo pneumatico FTS non necessita di ruote o attrezzature particolari per garantire la tenuta dell’aria essendo esso stesso a garantirla.La stessa struttura dello pneumatico FTS rende il suo montaggio molto semplice e rapido.

The Extreme market leader positions itself increasingly more broadly
With tires like the ‘GT 216 X’, which was revolutionary at the time, Goldentyre accounts for a great deal within the quantum and quality leap of Hard Enduro sport of the past years. Superstars like Graham Jarvis and Johnny Walker still swear by this Extreme tire, says Goldentyre boss Marco Caribotti, “Even if we told Graham that another Goldentyre model would be better suited for a particular race, he still mounts the 216 X. He trusts this tire blindly, but the success proves him right. “Graham Jarvis & Co. will be able to count on the legendary GT 216 X in the year 2017 as well. However, the industry leader in Hard and Extreme segments also offers more and more innovations for other fields of application at the same time. The “Tubeless Ready” solution for off-road tourers and use in rallies is especially noteworthy.

Even the name of the new system tells the story and targets great things. With the ‘Flite’ in “Flite Tubeless Systems” (FTS), Marco Caribotti refers to the “Flite team”, which he had once built around Graham Jarvis and directed from success to success. But the FTS is meant to score in different areas of application, says Caribotti, “We want a solution which provides all the advantages of a tubeless tire without having to suffer its disadvantages.” After two years of development work, Caribotti now characterizes the result as Tubeless Ready, “It is a tubeless tire for which no special rim is needed. The membrane keeps the air in the tire. It is absolutely tight and cannot be damaged under normal circumstances.”

Starting in March 2017, various Goldentyre models will be available with the “Flite Tube System.” They will then bear the addition FTS and are meant to serve off-road tourers and rally pilots in particular. But the system is of interest for hobby racers as well, says Marco Caribotti, “With the classic Enduro, one can quickly decrease or increase the air pressure with this system — according to the requirements of the course. Due to the reinforced running surface, the system is very durable and reliable, too. I believe that the FTS is interesting for amateurs as well who cannot afford numerous sets of tires and mousse each and every race weekend.”

For the model year 2017, Goldentyre has retreaded the classic GT 216 HPN as well. It is designed for Enduro competitions in the traditional mode, so it is somewhat of an all-round tire for hobby pilots who practice their hobby only every once in a while, “The 216 HPN continues to provide plenty of grip, even in wet conditions,” says Marco Caribotti, “However, we have further improved the durability. And in the very fast full speed sections, the tire is now smoother and more stable.”

For all those who love the extreme, Goldentyre has developed the GT 369 into the GT 369 X, “This tire may not be an FIM tire, but it is to the many hobby pilots in particular that it offers the grip they need in extreme situations. It has an aggressive design and high studs. This tire is well suited for Enduro-Cross as well.” In order to realize their full impact, Goldentyre offers the proper mousse for every tire, “We were able to improve the durability here as well. Namely by ‘baking’ the mousse considerably longer during production. Compared to former times, the manufacturing process now almost takes forever,” laughs Caribotti, “But the result warrants this great effort.”

The Goldentyre tires of the model year 2017 will be easy to differentiate from their predecessor models, for they all bear the new, big, white Goldentyre lettering. The official catalogue 2017 will be available online within the next few days. Delivery occurs from March 2017 onwards. (c. panny, hubert lafer)

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